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Old Faith Baptist
A web site dedicated to the propagation
of the Doctrine and Faith of the Old Baptist
in contrast to
The Fullerite, Arminian, Protestant and Catholic Doctrines prevelant in the Baptist Churches of America


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WE believe the Bible to be the center of all truth we believe what it says about the Churches of the Lord Jesus, that they shall continue until the end of the age, he, the Lord Jesus Christ being with them (Matt. 28:20), therefore we have designed this web site to propagate the old faith once delivered to the Saints. It is evident that there has been a falling away of the Faith once delivered and believed by the Saints of old and the infiltration of false prophets, teachers and doctrines which the Lord and his Apostles gave us warning.  As a result many faithful churches have fallen by the wayside and others continue on accepting the worlds ways, standards and practices.  The real shame is our churches are as the church in Revelation, blind, naked, poor, wretched and miserable and do not know it. They think they are doing the work of the ministry, prospering at every turn, after all their churches are growing, people are happy, they have bountiful ministries, all the signs of the Lord's blessing (and so it appears) but the Lord is ready vomit them out (Rev.3:15-19). 

This is a work in progress, we will continue to add material, pages and links as seem necessary to help the dear children of God to truly prosper in the Faith of our Lord Jesus.

Elder David Hethorn is available for the
Gospel minisrty.  Any interested churches please click
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Basic Principles

1. Holding forth the Word of God as our ONLY rule of Faith and Practice

2. Our purpose is the Glory and Praise of the Most High God

3. Our method is preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

4. Our means is by a New Testament Church