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Old Faith Baptist
A web site dedicated to the propagation
of the Doctrine and Faith of the Old Baptist
in contrast to
The Fullerite, Arminian, Protestant and Catholic Doctrines prevalent in the Baptist Churches of America


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Welcome to the Old Faith Baptist web site. While we are not a church we do promote, honor and support the true Churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have designed this web site to be a source of information, edification and encouragement to the Saints of Christ. You will find sermons and videos as well as a link to the Particular Baptist Library. These resources will be a tremendous help to those who love the old faith once delivered to the Saints and the old primitive faith of our fathers.

David R. Hethorn


Basic Principles

1. Holding forth the Word of God as our ONLY rule of Faith and Practice

2. Our purpose is the Glory and Praise of the Most High God

3. Our method is preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

4. Our means is by a New Testament Church

David R. Hethorn